Wake up with PRU


  • Petchabun Wild Honey

60 day aged wild raw honey collected from the forest of Petchabun. A true gift from nature: found deep inside the forest twice a year by experienced local honey hunters, nectar is collected from wild flowers such as pradu, longan and lamphun, depending on the season. The honey is thick, you can taste the pollen and propolis, and it is rich in phytonutrients and antimicrobial compounds. As it is not pasteurized, it still contains gut friendly bacteria such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, which explain many therapeutic properties of honey.


  • Southern Thai Chocolate Cashew Nut Butter

 Cashew nuts are native to Phuket we use a small hidden supplier that produces deliciously, sweet, earthy and creamy nuts.  Combined with 70% cacao chocolate from Chumporn, naturally sweet with hint of vanilla, tasty spread for your morning toast.


  • Pru Jampa Mulberry & Flower Jam

A perfect combination of sweet and sour mulberry’s picked directly from our farm. Subtly infused with mixed flowers to create a delicate jam for all occasions.


  • Khao Yai Homemade Whipped Brown Butter

Rich and silky homemade butter made with local organic dairy from Khao Yai. A beautiful farm that provides us with premium organic dairy products. A little magic from the PRU team and you have a moreish butter. The butter is caramelized and then hand whipped giving a smooth texture and nutty aroma.

Wake up with PRU